Book Presentation

On January 30, the presentation of the trilingual book published by the Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression (CPFE) entitled “Authorities and Information Accessibility” was held at the “Congress” hotel in Yerevan. It includes the results and the analysis of the monitoring of the Armenian governmental bodies’ official web-sites conducted by the CPFE in 2012. The project was implemented with the support of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED, USA). Specialists responsible for the web-site maintenance from governmental bodies, experts from journalistic organizations and representatives of international organizations took part in the presentation.

The chairman of the CPFE, Ashot Melikyan, introduced the purposes and the results of the monitoring. The head of the monitoring group, Olga Safaryan, clarified the most common shortcomings of the monitored 52 official web-sites. In the end, the speakers answered to the questions of the participants.