“In October We Will Have Digital Broadcasting In Yerevan” (Interview with Grigor Amalyan, General Director of “Television and Radio Transmission Network of Armenia” CJSC )

Interview with Grigor Amalyan, General Director of “Television and Radio Transmission Network of Armenia” CJSC

–       Mr. Amalyan we have less than one year for switching from analogue to digital broadcasting. Where are we now?

–       We actually already have our partners selected, who clearly assumed their share of responsibilities or duties in the establishment of the general system – supply of devices, system equipment, configuration, installation, etc. We have a clear action plan and have already performed much work.

–       You mean the action plan set by the Government?

–       The action plan set by the Government contains node points, but there are also detailed plans that are fixed in two contracts since the government decree cannot reflect non-essential, non-complex landmarks. In fact, the progress is in line with the schedules indicated in different contracts and with different partners. The provision of devices, equipment is already in progress.

–       Since when?

–       It has been in steady progress for more than a month and I am pleased to note that at this point there are no lags or omissions. Sometimes we have some technical problems related to the general supply process; for instance, in large stock of equipment there might be damaged packages, etc., but they are not significant and there is no situation that is not retrievable or, let’s say, the elimination of defects is not guaranteed. In fact, most of the infrastructure preparation activities, adjustment of building, adjustment of construction to our technical requirements, purchase of land for our stations, legalization, installation of towers and other activities have already been done. At this moment technically we have no concern in terms of deviating from the main scheduled handover of the system. We can confidently say that by late October we will have digital broadcasting in Yerevan, Gyumri and will be able to successively implement it also in several marzes during the same period.

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