Annual Report – 2014

Executive Summary

Scrutinizing the situation with freedom of expression and studying the environment where the media and journalists work, CPFE continues to report cases of violation of their rights. Compared with 2013, in 2014 the total count of such facts went down: 77 and 65. Nevertheless, this year’s statistics equally causes concerns. In 2014, CPFE reported 9 cases of physical violence against journalists (less by 1 compared with 2013), 43 facts of pressure on the media and their workers (less by 14 compared with 2013), 13 cases of violation of the right to receive and impart information (up by 3 compared with 2013).

In 2014, 22 new complaints relating to the activities of the media were declared admissible by different courts. Of them, 17 are cases of insult and defamation, 3 are copyright infringement cases, 1 is a case relating to disclosure of the source of information, 1 is other case.

The details of these cases are in the respective chapters of the Report.

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