The goals and objective of the Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression

(Extract from the Charter)

The Committee’s goals are as follows:

  • Protect the Rights of Journalists and the Media;
  • foster improvement of the RA legislation pertaining to freedom of expression;
  • promote the establishment of linkages among mass media and state agencies, enterprises, public organisations and other foundations;
  • support the establishment of free, democratic press in Armenia;
  • contribute to the establishment of the international standards applicable to freedom of expression;
  • assist to the strengthening of the professional solidarity of journalists – regardless of the political direction and partisan cohesion of the mass media they represent.

To achieve these goals, the Committee will pursue the following objectives:

  • involvement in independent research
  • collection, coordination, processing, issuance and dissemination in Armenia and abroad of printed, audiovisual and any other materials containing information on freedom of expression and violations of this right;
  • participation in the information exchange and coordination between Armenian and international legal entities and individuals;
  • participation in various conferences and forums related to the issues of cooperation in the sphere of defending freedom of expression, both locally and internationally;
  • carrying out publishing activities, preparing publications and TV/radio programmes;
  • organisation of joint campaigns, meetings and other events geared towards professional cohesion of various mass media journalists and reporters;
  • establishment of international linkages;
  • involvement of appropriate experts on contractual bases, with the assistance of the Committee’s staff;
  • organising international business trips for the Committee’s members and staff;
  • involvement in organizing seminars, meetings, trainings for journalists;
  • exchange of information with partners;
  • for the purposes of its activities the Committee may act as the owner or lessee of houses, building materials, equipments, and other property.

In its activities the Committee will be guided by the common international principles and standards of business collaboration, of the right of freedom of expression.