Freedom of Local and National Media: Evaluation and Self-assessment

In 2009 the Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression, along with the

local media monitoring, also carried out an expert survey among represen-
tatives of media, public and political organizations from all the marzes of the
country and the city of Yerevan,  to identify the following factors:
  • the degree of the media access to data;
  • the cases of deterring the media activities, and the role of various public, political and state institutions in protecting the rights of media;
  • the degree of the journalistic solidarity and the ways of its enhancement;
  • perception of transparency of the media financial activity and of the ownership and activity monopolization;
  • relationships between media on the one hand and public and political organizations on the other; in case of the latter – the opportunities of expressing their views and opinions through the media, and their rating of the pluralism level ensured by the media.

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