Quarterly report of CPFE on the Situation with Freedom of Expression and Violations of Rights of Journalists and Media in Armenia (April-June, 2018)

The second quarter of 2018 was the period of velvet revolution held in Armenia. As the many years’ observations by the Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression prove, any tension in the public-political situation in the country, be it related to elections or to any other crisis, is coupled with increase of attacks, various types of pressure against journalists and media outlets. In this respect, the events of the velvet revolution were not an exception.

During the first two weeks (April 11-23) of mass protests and civil disobedience, when the police and persons in civilian clothing operating under their auspices, were using force against the protesters, the journalists and the cameramen also underwent attacks and persecutions. On those days, the CPFE recorded 18 cases of physical violence, in which 22 personnel from media suffered, and 8 incidents of various types of pressure. Almost all the attacks were by the police officers, including high rank, through abusing their power, as well as by the persons enjoying their support. The protestors impeded or exerted pressure in two cases. Nine more people from various media outlets suffered as a result of the used special means, jostle and confusion by the law enforcement.


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