CPFE Report (First Half of 2014)

First half of 2014

Executive Summary

The first half of 2014 marked a period of governmental attempts to restrict the freedom of speech and apply rustic pressure on the mass media.

Following the situation in the area of freedom of speech and reviewing the conditions, in which the media organizations and journalists are supposed to work, the CPFE continues to identify cases of violations of their rights. The total number of such cases has reduced respectively by 46 and 44, in the first half of 2014, compared to the first half of 2013. Nevertheless, the data for the first half of this year remains quite concerning, with 5 cases of physical violence against journalists, 29 facts of persectution of mass media representatives and journalists, 10 cases of violation of the right to obtain and spread information.

12 new court cases, related to the mass media, were filed with different courts in the first half of the year. 8 of which related to defamation and insult, 3 – to protection of copyright and 1 – to unleashing the sources of information..

The details of these cases are in the respective chapters of the Report.

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