Analysis of TV Coverage of Press-Conferences of Political and Public Figures in Press Clubs

From May 1 to September 30, 2010, the Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression conducted a monitoring of TV coverage of press-conferences of political and public figures in the press clubs of the capital. The idea was to find out the interest of the TV companies, broadcasting in the capital and throughout the country, towards press conferences of various public figures with different political viewpoints, and their coverage.

The study was based on recording the presence of TV Companies in the press conferences and the coverage in their news broadcast.

Presence of TV Companies. An observer was present in the relevant press conferences and recorded the TV Companies present.

Coverage. An observer watched the main news broadcast of the TV Companies in the evening and marked the corresponding column on the form, taking into account the way the news was covered – “mute”, direct quote (in professional jargon the word “synchrone” is used), own or others’ commentary; as well as recording the nature of the coverage – positive (+), negative (-) and neutral (0).

During the monitoring 67 press conferences, including debates (the participants were representatives of different political forces), with the participation of political and public figures were observed.

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